Twin Oaks Landscape Design L.L.C.

We Make Your Investments Grow

Our two companies have been serving our community for a combined twenty years. We work closely with our clients to actualize their ideas and ensure that they have a role in the creative process every step of the way. We are very customer oriented, so we like to make sure the customer comes first. Whether it's for different criteria, deadlines, or more conveniently timed estimates during the day or evening, we try to cater to the needs of our clients. We work with trained horticulturalists to provide the best advice on what types of trees will provide for the best lifespan, while strongly considering factors like maintenance and ease of clean-up.

Strategic partnerships are an important part of any local business.  This has proven to be true time and time again, and we have developed relationships with many local suppliers for most of the materials we use.  This makes the materials easy to obtain and helps keep our costs (and prices) low, while keeping more money in our community.

We at Twin Oaks Landscape Design pride ourselves on our honesty.  While we cannot guarantee that we will come in the cheapest on every estimate, we can guarantee that we will execute the job in a professional manner, and that the work performed will be of the highest quality.  We believe that every job we do is a living business card for future clients to see, so we want it to be perfect in every way.

Our motto is..."Whatever it takes."


Landscape longevity is directly influenced by the thorough preparation of the landscape beds and the proper horticultural practices used for the installation of the plants. Your landscape will be designed to have scale, proportion, and beauty not only upon installation, but also as it matures and develops over the next 20 years.

Twin Oaks Landscape Design, LLC. Installation Includes:

  • Proper bed preparation  
  • Correct grading for drainage
  • Proper size and depth of planting holes
  • Appropriate Plant spacing   
  • Defined edging
  • Proper mulching
  • Weed prevention and control
  • Thorough cleanup

Twin Oaks Landscape Design, LLC. Hardscape Installation Includes: 

  • Precise Excavation 
  • Proper Footer Installation 
  • Appropriate Backfill and Drainage Systems 
  • The Artful Use of Stone
  • Attention to Detail 
  • Thorough cleanup